Monterey Safari Tabs

One of the most important new features in macOS Monterey is how the Safari web browser handles Tabs. Monterey Safari now places Tabs in the address bar area. This is a break from the old way of having Tabs in a Tab bar below the address area. Several people complained about this new way of doing Tabs in Safari, so Apple added the old Tab Bar functionality back in to Safari, but you have to activate it. Here is how that is done.

Safari Tabs

I worked with the new Monterey Safari Tab configuration in the beta. The new way of doing Tabs looks like this.

You can see the Tabs are right next to each other in the Safari address area. To be honest, I preferred Safari Tabs the old way, like many other people. If you dislike the new Monterey Safari way of doing Tabs, you can switch to the old way in the “View” menu.

Just select “Show Separate Tab Bar” and your Safari will be back to looking like this.

You can see the address bar at the top of the window and the Tab Bar right below it where it has always been.

After working with the new way of doing Tabs in macOS Monterey for a while, switching back to the original way felt like returning to an old friend. It just feels right.


When you install macOS Monterey, Safari comes with the new Tab Bar as default. However, you can switch back to the old way if you prefer.