Prevent Apple From Reviewing Your Siri Data

Although Apple is ahead of the pack regarding privacy issues, there are still some things you can do to make your online footprint more private. One of those things involves your Siri Data. When you use Siri on your iDevices, Apple stores your Siri and dictation transcripts by default. If you think this is a bit intrusive, here is how to turn off that feature.

Siri Transcripts

You prevent Siri from storing your transcripts in the Privacy Settings.


In the Privacy Settings area scroll down to Analytics & Improvements.


In this area you will see Improve Siri & Dictation.

Improve Dictation

All you have to do is toggle the slider to off and you are good.

Dictation Off

That is all there is to it. While I was in there, I toggled “Share iCloud Analytics” off as well.

While you are on this path, you may as well delete the Siri Dictation history on your Mac. You access that in the Siri System Preference Pane.

Siri On The Mac

I don’t do much Siri Dictation on my Mac, but if you do, then by all means follow this procedure.


Even though Apple does a decent job at protecting our privacy, there is still room for improvement. I appreciate it that we have the option to deactivate some of these things.