Reset iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

If you have used an iPhone for any length of time I know you have experienced frustration with its auto-correct typing feature. You send a text to someone only to discover some words you did not put in the message! The bottomline is your iPhone keyboard learns bad habits over time. The best way to fix this is to reset the keyboard dictionary. Here is how you do that.

Keyboard Dictionary

Of course, you deal with the Keyboard Dictionary in the Settings area. Just tap into the General setting.

General Setting

Once in the General area, scroll down and tap on “Reset”.


Now all you have to do is tap on “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”.

Keyboard Dictionary

You will have to enter your iPhone passcode.


Once you do that you will see this screen.

Reset Button

Just tap “Reset Dictionary” and your Keyboard Dictionary is reset. Any strange auto-correct behavior is eliminated. Hopefully, your iPhone keyboard will behave better over time.


Don’t let iPhone keyboard behavior frustrate you. Just go in there and reset the keyboard dictionary and show it who is boss.