Safari Privacy Report

No company is perfect when it comes to safe guarding the privacy of its customers, but Apple is better than most. These days the majority of our privacy violations occur in web browsers. Apple has taken steps to prevent a lot of tracking and other privacy violations in the Safari web browser which I appreciate. If you are curious about what attempts are made at tracking your online activities in Safari, just take a look at the Safari Privacy Report. It is a real eye opener.

Safari Privacy Report

You access the Safari Privacy Report under the Safari menu.

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The main window displays the “Websites” tab initially.

Website Trackers

The report shows tracking for the last 30 days. Check out who the big privacy violator is. Yep, it is Google, what a surprise. The “Websites” tab shows the sites where you were tracked.

If you click on the “Trackers” tab you see a list of who is doing the tracking!


Of course, Google tops the list, but there are many others vying for your information. 


The Safari Privacy Report is a bit of an eye opener. We all know we are being tracked, but the extent of the tracking is pretty amazing.