Blur Screenshot Objects With Redact

I know we all do screenshots occasionally. If you post those screenshots on a blog like me, or even if you just send them to a friend, you may want to blur out certain information. If you use an App like Snagit like I do, there are tools to blur out information. If you do not wish to buy an App for that type of thing, there is a way you can blur stuff out using the macOS Preview App. Here is how you do that.

Preview App

Here is a document opened in the Preview App on my Mac.


Let’s say I want to blur out this sentence. For you it could be an Email address, phone number or other sensitive information.

Blue Sentence

Preview does not really have a “Blur” tool. You have to use the “Redact” tool, but it works just as good. You access the “Redact” tool in the Markup area.

Redact Tool

Click on the Markup icon. Then select the “Redact” tool and drag your cursor across the information you wish to protect. In the Preview App you will get this warning message.

Warning Message

The “Redact” tool really does remove something from your document. That might be OK with you, but if you wanted to retain that document in its original form, then do the following. Use the “Redact” tool to blur your information. Then, do a screen shot of that information. When finished with that, before closing your document, go up to the “Edit” menu in Preview and click on “Undo” to remove the “Redact”. Your document is returned to its original form.


If you need to blur some information in the screenshot, you can do that with no cost to you using the Preview App in macOS.