Check iPhone Battery Health

Mine and my wife’s iPhones are getting a little older. They seem a little slower and the batteries just don’t last as long as when they were knew. We talked about getting new phones, but decided to just get new batteries in the near future. Before you get a new battery in an older iPhone, you might want to check the “Battery Health”. Here is how you do this.

Battery Health

To check your iPhones “Battery Health”, just go into Settings, scroll down and tap on “Battery”.


In the next screen, just tap on “Battery Health”.

Battery Health

My iPhone 11 “Battery Health” is 88%.

Maximum Capacity

That is the measure of the battery capacity compared to when the battery was new. I don’t think it is time yet to have it replaced, maybe in a year or so. 


It is easy to check your “Battery Health” on your iPhone. It does not hurt to do that occasionally.