Moving On To The New Quicken

Many Mac and PC people use Quicken for their financial needs. It has always been a great application. Many years ago the macOS changed enough to make using Quicken 2007 difficult. Because of that, there were lots of Mac people that invented ways to stick with Quicken 2007. I was one of them, but I moved on a long time ago. Some of these people were bordering on fanaticism in their attempts to continue to use Quicken 2007 with newer versions of macOS. This article is written by one of these people, but he finally saw the light with the newest version of Quicken. This persons progressions through using Quicken 2007 to the new version is interesting, you may be able to identity with it. Even though I don’t use Quicken any longer, it does seem time to move on to the current version which is supported very nicely.