Onyx For Cleanup

Over the years I have used CleanMyMac for cleanup chores on my Mac. It is an excellent App, but recently I have been having problems with it messing with some of my App serial numbers. I have not figured this out yet. Until I figure out what is going on with CleanMyMac, I am going back to using my old standby, Onyx  from Titanium software. 


Here is the primary maintenance window of Onyx.

Main Window

There are other utilities inside the App, but this is the one I use most often. There are lots of settings in here, so you should check them carefully, before proceeding. Part of this checking process should involve clicking on the “Options” button to view more settings.


There are many more cleanup settings in this area. Once you are satisfied with the setup, just click “OK” in this window and then click “Run Tasks” in the main window. Onyx will give you a warning that it will Restart when done and that all applications will be closed during the process. After a Restart of your Mac, your junk should be cleaned out. Keep in mind Onyx clears lots of cache files so some Apps have to reestablish some cache when they first open again.


I do not have a hard and set rule when I run Onyx. I would say about once a month would not hurt or anytime your Mac seems like it is slowing down some.