Searching File Formats In The Mac App Store

I think most of us take the Mac App Store for granted. We use it to look for and install Apps. But, you can do all kinds of other things in the Mac App Store application. Let’s say you wanted an App to work with some type of image editing. You can search the App Store for file formats. Here is how that works.

App Store File Formats

To search for Apps relating to a type of file format, just type the format (with a period in front) in the Search Box and hit Return ⮐.

App Store Search

The results of this type of search are not perfect, but the App Store App will show you applications that can work in some way with that type of file format. Here is a search for the “.png” image format.

Search Results

Here is what a search for the “.jpg” image format.

Another Search Format

Here is what turns up on a search for the Microsoft Word “.doc” format.

Word Format

Here are the results for the ubiquitous “.pdf” file format.

PDF File Format

I think you get the idea. If you do not know a specific App to search for in the Mac App Store, then you might find what you need by searching for the file format of the files you are going to be using.


The Mac App Store has a lot more versatility than we realize. Searching for a specific file format is just one trick it can perform.