More Ways To Search Mac App Store

In keeping with recent articles about ways to use the Mac App Store, I thought this information might be helpful. One of the coolest and also most difficult things about the Mac App Store is there are tons of Apps for just about everything. Lots of selection, but every so often you are trying to find a needle in a haystack. Here is a way to narrow down some of your App Store searches.

App Store Categories

A typical App Store main window looks something like this.

You can search for Apps in these areas listed in the sidebar; Arcade, Create, Work, etc. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you can make the search more granular by going into “Categories”.

If you click into this area, all the App Store categories are listed. When you click on “Business” for instance, lists of business Apps appear. They are not the full lists, just a few of the most popular.

To see all the Apps in the business category, you have to click on the “See All” button.

Now, you can scroll through each one of these columns to look at Apps.


There are many ways to find the right application in the Mac App Store. Using “Categories” is just one of them.