Share Mac App Store Information

I have been the Mac goto guy for friends and family for many years. Staying tuned in to Mac and iOS developments is a hobby with me, but I also did Mac tech support for about 10 years. Because of this, I get all kinds of Mac questions about hardware, software and various processes. Occasionally, I refer people to specific software to assist their daily workflow. There is an easy way to do this for others, by using the Mac App Store.

App Store Software

Every App information page in the Mac App Store contains almost the same features and information sections. One of those sections is the Share Button that you see in many App windows.

When you click on this button, it drops a list of Apps with which you can share this specific application’s information from the App store.

If a friend or family member has questions about a certain software package or about how to do something on their mac, sometimes I refer them to an App information page in the Mac App Store.

As you can see, you can send a link to the App store information using all kinds of different services, from Messages to any kind of Email Apps you use.


Rather than try to explain all the capabilities of an application to others, sometimes it is just easier to let them go over the information themselves at their pace.