Siri Reminders

When Apple brought Siri to the Mac, I was encouraged. I use Siri sporadically on my iPhone. To be honest, I thought I would use Siri more than I do on my iMac. There is one thing I do use Siri for, and that is Reminders. Here is how I do that.

Siri Reminders

You access Siri on the Mac in the Menu Bar.

The most common way I use Siri on my Mac is to remind me to do something during the day. When you click on Siri, it drops a notice asking how it can help.

Here is an example of me using Siri to remind me to send a certain Email in 30 minutes.

In 30 minutes, Siri pops up with the reminder.

When you roll your mouse over the reminder, an “Options” list pops up.

This sure beats writing stuff down or even using some type of timer App. You can click on the “Change” button to alter the reminder. If you click on the small button to the left of the reminder, it is completed.


You can do many other things with Siri on the Mac. But, it sure is handy to set reminders instead of opening the Reminders App and going through all the motions of setting it up.