Telegram Privacy

I have been using the Telegram messaging App for a while now. It is very cool and a little more secure than Twitter or Facebook. Telegram is quite sophisticated and well-supported. There are tons of settings, some of which involved your privacy. You can make your Telegram experience more private and remove some spam by doing two simple things.

Telegram Privacy

Here is the main window of Telegram. Sorry, but I had to block out people and various chats to protect others privacy. To enhance your Telegram privacy, click on the Settings icon.

Once in the Settings area, click on Privacy and Security.

Once in this area, you will see a bunch of settings in the right column. Pay particular attention to Phone Number and Groups and Channels.

Telegram comes with Phone Number and Groups and Channels set to “Everybody” by default. An excellent way to enhance your privacy is to set both of those areas to “My Contacts”. So, just click on the “Everybody” link for “Groups and Channels, go in and change it.

Now, do the same for the Phone Number setting.

Now, your Telegram is set for a more private experience. Obviously, if you are not concerned about this issue, leave the settings to “Everybody”. I think most people would use the “My Contacts” setting.


The Telegram App is a good messaging experience. You can adjust your privacy settings to suite your personal comfort zone.