hello Screen Saver

If you are a longtime Mac person, then you will remember the first screen saver. The first Mac screen saver was the word “hello” on that small 9” Mac screen. Yes, those were the good old days. In a nostalgia move, Apple has revived the “hello” Mac screen saver in macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Here is how to activate it and what it looks like.

Hello Screen Saver

The very first Mac screen saver looked like this.

This is a Mac Plus, my first Mac was a Mac SE, which looked very similar.

You activate the “hello” screen in the Desktop & Screensaver System Preference Pane.

Once in that area, you will have to scroll down to find “hello”.

You can set the duration and a Hot Corner for instant activation.

It is somewhat awkward to demonstrate this, but here it what it looks like on my iMac. I had to use a photo of the screen.

The screen saver continuously writes “hello” across your screen in different ways.


This is no big deal. If you are a long-time Mac person, you might get a kick out of using the “hello” screen saver. If you were not around to remember those days, then you could use it for a bit of Mac retro.