iOS System Services Privacy

There are all kinds of things you can do to increase your privacy on your iPhone. System Services is one area where several items can be deactivated, increasing your privacy. What is System Services? Let’s take a look at it and I will show you some things I have turned off for privacy reasons.

System Services

As you might have guessed, you access System Services in the iOS Settings area. Go into Settings and tap on Privacy.

Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy area and tap on System Services.

There are several settings in here. Scroll through them to see if any might be better turned off. Something that catches my attention is Location-Based Alerts and Location-Based Suggestions.

I don’t think I need this information, so I will deactivate them.

When I scrolled down this list, I spotted iPhone Analytics. I am sure that Apple would like that information, but I value my privacy even more.

So, I turned that off as well.

Here is the bottomline with all this folks. It is your privacy! You don’t owe anyone, including Apple, any of your information apart from what you absolutely have to provide to function properly with whatever services you wish to use.


I know some of you are always alert to more privacy. It might be worth it to check out the System Services area.