iOS Weather App On Steroids

Apple has had the Weather App on the iPhone from its inception. There have always been third-party weather Apps that were more robust with better features. That is not the case any longer. With the release of iOS 15, the Weather App is totally new and improved. It has a great feature set. Here is what that looks like.

Weather App

The main screen of the iOS Weather App looks similar to this.

Once in the main window of the App, scroll down to access several other features. Here is the “Air Quality”, “UV Index”, and a “Temperature Map” (more on the map in a minute).

If you scroll down a little further, you can monitor “Wind Speed & Direction”, “Rainfall”, “Humidity” and several other parameters.

If you scroll back up to that “Temperature” map on the previous screen and tap on it, you get an overall topical map of the area.

You can also access the “Precipitation” and “Air Quality” within this topical map by tapping on the small icon on the right-side of the window.

There are other things you can do in the new iOS 15 Weather App, but I think you get the idea that it is a very robust offering.


I like the new Weather App so much, I stopped using my third-party weather applications.