Monterey AirPlay Receiver

There are all kinds of new features in macOS Monterey. Despite it’s troublesome start with USB-C and Email issues, it still is fun to use. One of the more prominent new Monterey capabilities is the ability to use AirPlay to its fullest. In Monterey Apple calls this “AirPlay Receiver”. Here is how it works.

AirPlay Receiver

The first thing you need to do is make sure AirPlay Receiver is activated in the Sharing System Preference.

Once in this area, check the left sidebar for AirPlay Receiver.

If it is not activated, then check the box which displays some settings in the right-side of the window.

If you change those settings, you will receive this warning message.

Once AirPlay Receiver is set up, you can go into the Control Center on your iPhone and activate Screen Sharing.

When you tap on the Screen Sharing icon, your iPhone screen is shared on your Mac.

Now you can take a screenshot of this for whatever purpose you need. I think it would be very helpful if you were troubleshooting problems with a friend on their phone. Or, just demonstrating where something is located or how to do something on the iPhone.


AirPlay Receiver is a very handy feature if you need it. Just make sure it is activated on your Mac.