Allow Time Sensitive Alerts

If you are using iOS 15 or macOS Monterey, then you are probably experimenting with the new Focus feature. Here is a typical definition of Focus Mode versus full-blown Do Not Disturb:

Focus Mode is really for when you’re working, or concentrating. Do Not Disturb shuts out everything, bar phone calls from your VIP list, or from persistent callers trying to get through urgently.

By comparison, Focus Mode lets you fine-tune what you will allow to distract you. For instance, sometimes you need, say, notifications from Slack. Or if your partner needs you, he or she shouldn’t have to remember they can only phone.

Focus mode is pretty sophisticated, it can be useful during your workday. There is one setting in Notifications called “Allow Time Sensitive Alerts” you can use to tweak Focus mode. Here is what that looks like.

Allow Time Sensitive Alerts

You set up Focus mode parameters in the new Control Center. But, you set up “Allow Time Sensitive Alerts” in the Notifications System Preference Pane. You can use this setting to bypass your Do Not Disturb settings on your Mac for things that you consider to be time sensitive. Here is what that looks like for the Calendar App in Notifications.

Here it is in the Messages App in macOS Monterey.

And, here it is in the FindMy App Notifications setting.

I think you get the picture here. I have looked through many of these Apps listed in Notifications. As far as I can tell, the “Allow Time Sensitive Alerts” feature only works in Apple Apps so far. Hopefully, third-party developers will implement this feature in their Apps in the future. Please check out this setting. It might work for your workflow.


It is good to know if you use the new Focus mode on your Mac, you can tweak it to be more sensitive to your needs.