Annoyed At In-App Reviews?

Over the years, Apple’s iOS versions have become more sophisticated. They really are a full-blown operating system. The latest version 15 has all kinds of features and settings. The end user can tweak iOS 15 to work just about any way they prefer. Of course, with any OS, there are things that are annoying. One of those things to me is the constant reminder for In-App reviews of software. If In-App reviews bother you, then read on for a way to deactivate them.

In-App Reviews

If you find In-App reviews annoying, there is a way to turn them off. Just go into the Settings area of your iPhone, scroll down and tap on App Store.

App Store

In the next window you will see “In-App Ratings & Reviews”.

Reviews On

All you have to do is tap on the slider to toggle it off.

Reviews Off

That is all there is to it. You can always toggle them back on again if you wish to start receiving them.

By the way, this process works essentially the same in iPadOS 15.


In-App reviews can be annoying. But, it is easy to deactivate them.