Author: Douglas Canning

There is a lot of information out there on backing up your Mac. Hopefully, it has become a standard practice in peoples computer strategy. However, people..
Besides the lack of functionality in Siri, the biggest complaint about the iPhone is battery life. Apple has improved the iPhone battery life exponentially over..
I have mentioned the 32/64-Bit issues in several previous articles here. Taking my own advice I decided to do some testing of my Apps for 32-Bit..
The macOS has a built-in file compression feature. It is OK, if you occasionally compress files. However, if you do much file archiving and unarchiving you probably..
There are several new features in the latest 10.13.4 update. One thing that might have slipped your attention is the new notice in the Safari..
From time to time I report the more pernicious malware arriving on the Mac platform. OceanLotus Backdoor definitely qualifies as a bad guy in this..
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