Author: Douglas Canning

If you use the iOS Mail App you can accumulate many emails that you wish to Delete. Apple has not included a way to mass Delete..
I am not really great at this, but lately I have been trying to automate some my more simpler yet time-consuming workflows on my Mac. I..
One of the things I frequently is search through the History section of Safari looking for some website I visited a few days or weeks..
Twitter has advised all its users of a password bug in their software which renders passwords in plain text. This is a serious problem. If..
Most Apps have features that none of us know about or use. The Safari web browser is no exception to this. The Reading List in..
No, this article is not about Alzheimers or techniques for getting your memory back. This is all about the Memories feature of the Photos App...
Apple released macOS 10.13.5 Beta 3 yesterday. I installed it and have been running it for a bit on my Beta hard drive. I don’t..
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