Author: Douglas Canning

Just about everybody in the world uses Facebook. I think many of those people have concerns about their privacy while using Facebook, I know I..
It seems everyone likes to complain about the macOS Finder. The Finder has been around since the old Mac Operating System days before OS X...
I have played around with macOS Server off and on for years. Many small business’s use the Server software on Macs to serve up processes..
The AirDrop feature has been around in iOS and on the Mac for quite some time. Apple defines Airdrop as, With AirDrop, you can instantly share..
As if we did not have enough stuff to watch out for on our Mac’s a malware package called OS X CreativeUpdate has been inadvertently downloaded..
Apple has included something called the Services Menu in the last several iterations of macOS. I know some people don’t bother with the Services Menu at..
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