Author: Douglas Canning

I am sure you have all experienced issues with garbled text from time to time. Perhaps you received some text in an email. Or, maybe you..
After writing my recent article on the SMART Utility App I got to thinking about a very cool feature of the Drive Genius App called DrivePulse...
The iPhone X is the premiere iPhone these days. However, people are having some problems with various things on the X. It seems to be..
I am always in the market for a new, useful macOS utility App. I test them, keep some and discard others. Along these lines I..
I am very careful what I install on my iMac in the way of Apps, Extensions, etc. However, even I get some malware from time..
I have written about syncing Messages texts between devices previously. However, this article explains things with a more general overview. I thought it would be..
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