Author: Douglas Canning

I am always in the market for a new, useful macOS utility App. I test them, keep some and discard others. Along these lines I..
I am very careful what I install on my iMac in the way of Apps, Extensions, etc. However, even I get some malware from time..
I have written about syncing Messages texts between devices previously. However, this article explains things with a more general overview. I thought it would be..
Apple is trying to make the Mac App Store more robust for Developers and more friendly for users. One recent added capability is Application Preorders. That..
I have covered Mac Target Disk Mode in previous articles. However, I wanted to bring this very thorough more current article on Target Disk Mode...
Everyone performs a certain amount of searches on their Macs. There are different tools for this purpose. The macOS “Find” command is not too bad...
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