Author: Douglas Canning

Apple is trying to make the Mac App Store more robust for Developers and more friendly for users. One recent added capability is Application Preorders. That..
I have covered Mac Target Disk Mode in previous articles. However, I wanted to bring this very thorough more current article on Target Disk Mode...
Everyone performs a certain amount of searches on their Macs. There are different tools for this purpose. The macOS “Find” command is not too bad...
Both my wife’s and my iPhone are updated to iOS 11.2 The latest iOS update has brought some needed fixes and features. One of the..
Apple released the 10.13.2 update to High Sierra this morning. I have installed it with no problems. I am currently testing my mission critical Apps,..
On occasion I will buy several small apps in a bundled software offering. I don’t usually end up using all the Apps, but a few..
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