Author: Douglas Canning

Ever since I installed macOS High Sierra on my Late 2012 iMac the machine has booted up very slowly. It stays at a white screen..
There are Apps designed to merge and synchronize Folders on the Mac. If you do a lot of merging and manipulating of Folders, you would..
I have used a MP3 audio file converter program for a long time to slim down large MP3 files. However, this App does not work..
Because the new iPhone X has no Home Button users are having to learn new ways of doing things. One of those new processes is..
Now that I have my new iPhone 8 plus I am trying to get familiar with using it with one hand. I love this phone,..
It is totally cool that there are all kinds of little one-off Apps that add or improve on the macOS. One kind of App in..
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