Author: Douglas Canning

So, why would you want to copy the path of a file (where the file is located in the Finder)? I do this on occasion..
I wanted to post a link to the Intego VirusBarrier Malware monthly update for your perusal. It is a bit technical, but it does have..
In my last article I went over how the Mountain App Interface worked. It is a nice little program fro unmounting and remounting external hard..
I just wanted to alert you to DOK Malware which has recently been discovered on the Mac. It operates via an email phishing campaign. Here..
I several external hard drives connected to my iMac via USB. I use them for all kinds of things. Most of them are spinning hard..
Web browsers allow you to handle website Cookies in different ways. Safari in macOS has several different settings. Cookies can be anywhere from annoying to..
I primarily use Safari as my web browser of choice. However, I am sure I do not use all the available features in Safari. That..
In my previous article on the excellent Mac utility app Disk Sensei, I covered the Trim feature for SSD’s. Since I upgraded the internal drive..
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