Author: Douglas Canning

When sending PDF attachments in email you need to be a little cognizant of file size. Some peoples email setup cannot handle large attachments. Well,..
I do lots of searching of websites for various things, especially for the Macessence blog. Sometimes when I get to a website, the page or..
Using two-factor authentication (2FA) on our Mac is kind of a pain, but it is super secure. One of the things 2FA requires is an..
I have used Prosoft Engineeting’s Drive Genius utility app for many years. It is an excellent app for tech supporting Mac computers. They just recently..
I downloaded and installed the latest Beta for macOS Sierra toay. It installed just fine. My progress report is, it seems to be just fine,..
  Older iOS applications were built on a 32-bit file architecture. Newer apps are designed for a 64-bit file system architecture. Apple is doing away..
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