Author: Douglas Canning

There may come a time when you need to change the password in an account on a Mac. This is totally doable. This article explains..
Several months ago I was having considerable network issues. During that time I learned how to use my iPhone 6s as a Personal Hotspot. This..
In my previous article on the excellent Desk PM writing and blogging app I covered more of it’s overall layout and general workings. If you..
I have used several different blogging apps over the years. I have several different ones on the Mac as we speak. I even use an..
If you use Apple’s Calendar app extensively then you probably have several different calendars. I have created four different calendars for different purposes. I find..
These days I pretty much use PDF Expert to manage and handle all my PDF needs. However, I use Apple’s Preview app to open graphics..
There are all kinds of utility apps for the Mac that facilitate your workflow. One common group is known as “file managers”. They have various..
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