Author: Douglas Canning

The Maps app in iOS 10 is totally 'new and improved'! One of the new features is the drawer area containing 'pit stop' suggestions like..
Hey, this is a very interesting article on the lifespan of a typical SSD (Solid State) hard drive. I have always wondered how durable an..
I am experimenting with having my iPhone 6s running iOS 10 announce my phone calls. It may prove to be just an annoyance, we shall..
The lack of Macintosh updates over the last year or so gives me something to think about regarding upgrading my Late 2012 iMac. Cannot decide..
I have not used Siri too much in macOS Sierra. It is a cool feature though. I never thought of this before, but you can..
If you have used Macs for a while you are familiar with the naming mess that is USB. It is pretty difficult to follow at..
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