Author: Douglas Canning

Are you kidding me? According to the latest Geekbench scores iPhone 7 Plus is faster than the new MacBook! Check out this article for the official comparisons...
I have been working on a friends Mid 2012 MacBook Pro; checking the hardware and installing updates. He just bought it from someone. It is..
I just watched the Apple Keynote on my Apple TV. Wow! The new iPhone 7 is just phenomenal. The iWatch 2nd generation is ingenious. The..
I cannot believe I did not know this! If you do a lot of scrolling in iOS on your iPhone or iPad, then read this..
Hey folks, decided to take Labor Day off to be with family and friends. Hope you have a great day. I will be back tomorrow..
In one of my previous posts, the Disk Utility app in El Capitan was not well received. The basic criticism was it's dumb down functionality...
This is a helpful article on whether or not to keep all your photos on your Mac or in the cloud. After reading it, I..
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