Author: Douglas Canning

I don't know about you, but I like using Emoji symbols in places besides texts. I use to keep my Special Character menu available in..
Hey folks, just a heads up. The new iOS 10 will be released tomorrow, Sept. 13. I am sure Apple's servers will be hammered. However,..
I installed macOS Sierra Golden Master in my beta account yesterday. The Golden Master is the final release of the software; the version people will be..
Are you kidding me? According to the latest Geekbench scores iPhone 7 Plus is faster than the new MacBook! Check out this article for the official comparisons...
I have been working on a friends Mid 2012 MacBook Pro; checking the hardware and installing updates. He just bought it from someone. It is..
I just watched the Apple Keynote on my Apple TV. Wow! The new iPhone 7 is just phenomenal. The iWatch 2nd generation is ingenious. The..
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