Author: Douglas Canning

I never knew the Safari web browser had this many shortcuts! I learned all kinds of new shortcuts reading this article. I am sure I..
Occasionally my iMac devolves into a pattern of long startup times. This could be caused by many things. For me the cause may be that..
I came across something that will definitely be useful to me and perhaps useful to you. Typically I have my macOS Finder in Column view,..
Apple released what is probably the last update for El Capitan today, 10.11.6. It is contains security and under the hood fixes. I have installed..
If you use Dropbox then you might want to read this article on it's "selective sync" capability. Basically, you can leave files on your Dropbox..
As previously mentioned I will be bringing some basic macOS functionality from time to time in my articles. No big deal, but nice little things..
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