Author: Douglas Canning

I use this feature ALL THE TIME!! This is a great article on how to block unwanted calls or messages in iOS. I get a..
I have mentioned several times that I use a 2.5" External USB hard drive to do troubleshooting on Macs. I have used a Tech Drive..
I usually keep an iMac 5-6 years. That is what works out best for me for my Speed vs. Storage needs. My Late 2012 iMac..
I have used several apps over the years to track my memory usage (RAM) during the day. Some of them only show you the memory..
This is a great article explaining how to really use the Notifications feature in iOS 9. Admittedly, I don't use Notifications that much, but I..
The more I use my iPad Pro 9.7" the more I love it. One of the new features available on this model is True Tone..
Wow!! After using my iPad 3 for about four years I decided it was time to upgrade. The iPad Pro 9.7" is a major turning..
This is a good article on ways to overcome freezes to input devices on your Mac like keyboard, mouse, etc. I had this happen the..
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