Author: Douglas Canning

With all the uproar about iPhone security these days I have been revisiting my password situation on all my Mac devices. This article provides very..
For years I have used various third party applications to store serial numbers and other pertinent information on the applications installed on my Macs. Make..
We have always been faced with buying cheap inkjet printers and lots of expensive ink to run them. My solution to this is to have..
Recently I was reading an article on finding unnecessary stored files and removing them from your Mac. In the article they mentioned a file removal..
Just recently Apple messed up people's Ethernet with one of it's updates. This caused Ethernet to stop working and ALSO caused some App Store applications..
In my previous article on the Slack collaborative team communications app I covered some of the basic features and appearance. Today I want to talk..
I believe I have mentioned switching my hourly backup to Qrecall from Time Machine. One of the problems with Time Machine backup is that fills..
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