Author: Douglas Canning

I have been trying to setup a Podcast for some friends for a bit now. Yikes! It is a little more involved than things looked..
This is a great article on how to get rid of those scam popups in the Safari web browser in OS X or iOS. Most..
Over the years I have used several different weather apps on my Macs. If you live in an area of the country where the weather..
I have discussed Permissions in El Capitan in a previous article. Just wanted to add a bit of information here. Recently I upgraded a friends..
Batteries on all of Apple's laptops have a lifespan, always have. Typically, the lifespan on newer MacBook's is 1,000 cycles. This article shows you how..
This is a good article on cleaning up your Contacts application on your Mac. If you are syncing via iCloud then it will clean up..
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