Author: Douglas Canning

In light of recent issues involving people wanting Apple to create a backdoor for iOS device access I thought it might be a good idea..
Recently I took some photos with my iPhone 6s and didn't realize the "Live Photos" feature was on. So, I turned off "Live Photos" for..
In my previous article on the excellent malware utility DetectX I covered generally how it works. But, the DetectX people have updated the app to..
Archiving emails is a big deal these days. If you live and breath email then you probably need to archive it for legal, business or..
Some people live and breath email. That is not me, but for whatever reason (business reasons, legal reasons, etc.) people need to save some or..
I have reviewed version 2 of Get Backup Pro in a previous article. Get Backup Pro is a nice app, but version 3 (herein after..
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