Author: Douglas Canning

Recently Apple installed the NTP patch which fixed a major security hole in OS X. However, they only installed the patch in OS 10.8 Mountain..
Just recently I decided to put my Windows 7 Professional install into a Bootcamp partition on my iMac. Running it in Parallels was just too clunky (tech..
This is a cool article on how to add a folder to the PDF Services Menu. The PDF Services Menu is the PDF dropdown located in..
I have been getting the dreaded “accept incoming network connection” error message off and on for a long time. Yes, you can go into the..
Speaking of making and receiving calls through your iPhone in the Yosemite OS, this is a really good article on changing the Yosemite ringtone. If you don’t..
The other day my DSL network provider went down. Fortunately this is a very rare occurrence for this company. I waited for them to put..
This is a cool article describing how to make phone calls in Yosemite on your Mac through your iPhone. I have tried this and it works..
If you are in the Mac tech support business you inevitably end up using a very cool app called Mactracker. There is no way a person..
At times the Spotlight search feature in OS X can start behaving badly. This is an indicator that the Spotlight Index is corrupted and needs..
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