Author: Douglas Canning

I have been using the Moom window controller app for quite a while now. They keep updating it and I keep liking it more and..
It seems people always need to preview images in the Finder in the macOS. This video presentation by Gary at covers just about every..
As you know I run a Beta of the macOS. I just installed 10.12.6 Sierra Beta. Apple does not tell you much about these beta..
There are all kinds of settings in the Accessibility Preference Pane. One that I use from time to time is the “Zoom” feature. If you..
I am always looking for new Apps and Extensions that make me more efficient on my Mac. To that end, I use keyboard shortcuts more..
When web browsers first implemented Notifications from websites I thought it was a pretty cool deal. Since that time I have moderated my view a..
The macOS has tons and tons of cache files for just about every app and process. Clearing cache files can free up a lot of..