Author: Douglas Canning

Have you ever had this happen before? You open a certain folder in OS X and it crashes the system. This really is a fairly..
I have established a photo workflow (for now anyway) using the new Photos app and Aftershot Pro 2. It took a while to see what..
I have used several of these WiFi fixes before. The problem is, there is no single fix for WiFi issues these days, it usually is..
In keeping with our photo editing train of thought you might consider this article on some surprise editing features of the Yosemite Photos app. Photos..
Since installing Yosemite 10.10.3 some people are having WiFi issues. One of the common denominators causing this problem is syncing the new Photos app to..
For years on my iMacs I have gravitated between using a Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad from Apple. They both have their strong points...
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