Author: Douglas Canning

I am not an avid word processor user. Yes, I do a couple of blogs and run a few websites, but I mostly use blogging..
This is such a cool article on several things you can do with the Spotlight app that you probably never new about. I learned some new things...
Apple, in keeping with their minimalist design strategy, has increasingly made the Mac OS less colorful, less contrasty and thus, to me anyway, less user..
In my previous article on Belight Software’s Get Backup application I covered some of what the “Backup” panel can do and some of the app's more general..
Have you ever had your Touch ID not work on your iPhone? I have had that problem a few times since I have had my..
Recently a friend asked me to find a good backup app for his business that would allow him to synchronize folders from his Macbook Pro..
People having battery issues with their iPhones is a longstanding, ongoing problem. This article presents all kinds of ways to save battery life on your iPhone. Give..
I have talked about the necessity of having a backup of the data (and maybe even the Applications) on your Mac. This is a good article on..
A reader commented recently that he had installed a utility app on his Mac that had messed up his Safari. He asked if there was..
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