Author: Douglas Canning

There are all kinds of photo services online for producing photo prints, collages, etc. But, if you just want some simple prints the “Order Photos”..
In one of my previous articles I described making a Bootcamp partition and then enlarging it with a cool app called Campune X. Of course,..
I don’t know about you but from time to time Siri just starts talking on my iPhone when I have not activated her. I find..
OK, if you have been following my previous article on creating and resizing a Bootcamp partition on my iMac you will be up to speed for this..
Recently Apple installed the NTP patch which fixed a major security hole in OS X. However, they only installed the patch in OS 10.8 Mountain..
Just recently I decided to put my Windows 7 Professional install into a Bootcamp partition on my iMac. Running it in Parallels was just too clunky (tech..
This is a cool article on how to add a folder to the PDF Services Menu. The PDF Services Menu is the PDF dropdown located in..
I have been getting the dreaded “accept incoming network connection” error message off and on for a long time. Yes, you can go into the..
Speaking of making and receiving calls through your iPhone in the Yosemite OS, this is a really good article on changing the Yosemite ringtone. If you don’t..
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