Author: Douglas Canning

The other day my DSL network provider went down. Fortunately this is a very rare occurrence for this company. I waited for them to put..
This is a cool article describing how to make phone calls in Yosemite on your Mac through your iPhone. I have tried this and it works..
If you are in the Mac tech support business you inevitably end up using a very cool app called Mactracker. There is no way a person..
At times the Spotlight search feature in OS X can start behaving badly. This is an indicator that the Spotlight Index is corrupted and needs..
This is a very good article on how to make your Mac more secure than it already is. I use many of these techniques, except FireVault...
I have dealt with battery problems on Apple laptops for years. Recently I discovered a cool “free” program called Battery Health available on the Mac..
This is a good article on post processing photos on your iPhone. He mentions PureShot and Snapseed in the article, I use both of these apps on my 5s. Give..
Because I maintain several websites I deal a lot with photos. I do some sharpening, cropping and cleanup of the photos I use, but mostly..
I have used the Dictation function in Yosemite a few times to dictate a Message or something like that. But, I have never used it..
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