Author: Douglas Canning

I use a fair amount of YouTube videos on this blog and in other capacities as well. So, I have a need to be able..
A while back I did an article on the document Versions feature in Mountain Lion and Mavericks. It was a fairly nice little known and probably little..
The recent data breach at Home Depot boiled down to a familiar problem, Windows software security or the lack thereof. This article describes what happened and what..
The default mode of Yosemite Safari comes in kind of a stripped down mode. One of the things I have liked to do is to..
I mentioned in a previous article about Yosemite having a setting for “Automatic Updates” of OS X and advised turning it off. This article provides a little more detail..
In my previous article, iOS 8 Text Forwarding, I discussed how to turn off a bunch of iPhone notifications on your Mac via the Handoff..
Many people are worried about the new WireLurker malware on the Macintosh side of things. Basically, WireLurker gets into applications on your Mac system and..
I and several other people have noted that pages in Yosemite Safari from certain websites will not open at times. For whatever reason they seem..
Every once in a while I would us the “Reset” command in Mavericks and Mountain Lion to give Safari a fresh start. I would clear..
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