Author: Douglas Canning

Apple has released iOS 8.1 and it has fixed a ton of things. It also activated several features across iOS devices and Yosemite. One of..
This is a good article on how to use Mac OS X’s Mission Control feature (formerly referred to as “Spaces”). I use Mission Control from time..
A Mac Tech friend sent me a good article on how to make a USB Thumb Drive installer for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Why would..
This is the kind of article on what Macs will run the upcoming Yosemite OS X that usually comes right before or after a new OS X..
Well, Apple released Yosemite just recently. I have been using the beta for a few months and it seems that it is pretty ready for..
This video presentation is an excellent tutorial for using the enhanced Text-to-Speech functionality in iOS 8 on your iPhone or iPad. I can think of all..
Now this is very cool! This article explains how to rearrange and modify your Share Pane Icons in iOS 8. I like it because I do not..
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