Author: Douglas Canning

I think Predictive Text in iOS 8 is totally cool. Predictive Text is appears below your typing window in Messages. It makes word suggestions based..
This article describes how to setup Notifications for specific emails in iOS 8. This is a new feature and I think it is pretty cool. I..
In response to the latest hacking of iCloud Apple has tightened security. A few days ago they implemented App Specific Passwords  If you have third party..
In my previous article on Printworks I provided an overview of the app and covered the top menubar. Today I want to go over the..
Apple has released some Golden Master versions of Yosemite to Developers over the past few days. They also released Yosemite Beta 5 today. I installed..
I have used various print (although print and web is blurred these days) design programs over the years including Adobe InDesign. No, I am not..
This is a good article on the Apple Support Profile from Apple. It keeps track of all the Apple devices you own. If you have several devices..
Recently a good friend gave me two older Mac laptops to do with as I pleased. One was a 2007 MacBook Pro 15”, the other..
You may or may not have noticed but in OS X Mavericks and Yosemite you can modify how and when your App Store application installs..
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