Author: Douglas Canning

I have mentioned moving all my websites to the HTTPS secure standard over the past few months. Now that Apple has released Mojave 10.14.4 and..
I know I have been remiss in not doing many articles on the Apple Watch. The bottomline is, I don’t own one. Many of my..
I think I have mentioned previously that I use Techsmith’s Snagit App to do my screenshots and occasional videos. It is a very powerful App...
Despite all their bewailing of their mistakes and their failures, Facebook is just as irresponsible as ever. This article explains that millions of Facebook Records..
Well, I went and did it today. I ordered my new iMac 27” from the Apple website. I just got the low end model with..
My granddaughter just got a set of AirPods, old version. I have been thinking about getting some myself. Since Apple just released a new, refreshed..
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