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I finally made it home from our vacation in Virginia and North Carolina. Being from Colorado my first impression was green! Very very green! At least compared to Colorado which is a very dry state. Now it is catch up time.

What do I mean by “catch up time”? We Americans are doing so many things these days that when we go on vacation it does take a while to catch up with our various personal projects and work responsibilities.

Since I have been back I am gradually catching up with the Mac news. The Developers Conference is fast approaching. There is a great deal of speculation about the iPhone, Tablet Mac and all kinds of other stuff. It should be interesting.

One of the things I always do when I return home from a stay away is check for updates for all my applications. There is usually some type of OS update and some updates for the many applications I use. This time was no exception.

After installing the updates I continued to install a few applications from my initial iMac setup. I am still fine tuning my Mail setup and several other things.

Check this out. My ISP has been giving me trouble over the last few months. So, I decided to switch my ISP to my Broadband provider. This has been a bit complicated. Recently, I also purchased a newer DSL Gateway. After returning from vacation I had received the setup info from my new ISP and went about attempting to setup the DSL Gateway. Even though I followed their instructions to the letter it would not work. So, I made the proverbial phone call to the support unit. If you have been using a Mac for any length of time it is not much fun calling tech support. When you tell them you are on a Mac they usually say, “a what?”. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the person I was talking to had some knowledge of Macs. We tried all kinds of things to get it to work, but no joy. He put me on hold while he consulted with higher level tech guys and came back with the answer. There was one number in a field in the setup of the DSL gateway that needed to be changed. When I changed it, bingo!, everything just started working. The new DSL gateway is a bit faster than the old one. My online setup is now working great.

Well, just wanted to check in with you to kind of get back in the groove. My next article will be about my observations thus far of my new 24 inch iMac. Until then . . . .


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