Big Sur Sound Preferences

Now that we have macOS Big Sur I will be doing some short articles on some not so obvious changes and upgrades from previous operating systems. I have done articles on some main new features of Big Sur, but I just wanted to touch on a few smaller items over the next few weeks. I am starting with the Sound Preference Pane. There are some minor changes in sound preferences.

Sound Preferences

Like everything else in Big Sure, the Sound Preference icon is new and improved.


It has a new look for sure. Once you click on Sound, you are taken to the “Sound Effects” tab.

Sound Effects

Big Sur has several new sounds, be sure to try them out. Also, the sound quality is better than previous versions of the macOS. There is a little more granularity here as well. You can select to have your Mac do a “startup chime” if you wish.


The “Sound Output” area is the same as Catalina and Mojave. There do not seem to be any changes here.

That is the same with the “Sound Input” tab as well.


System Preferences have that new look and feel of Big Sur. The Sound Preference area is no exception to that.


There are enough changes and additions to the Sound Preference Pane it is worth it to do a little exploration.