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Mail LogoI love using Apple’s Mail application. I have been using it for years and it has developed into a very sophisticated program. If I could use it at work I would, but we need to use Entourage with the Exchange Server.

As I mentioned in an earlier article I have been studying the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. I have implemented several of these ideas into my work flow including e-mail. Over the next few days I am going to bring some suggestions and ideas (mostly other peoples) about streamlining the e-mail process.

Before I get into some of these ideas I need to bring out a pet peeve of mine. A typical e-mail day for our house is my wife and I each get several e-mails from various sources. We get even more spam. But, typically, we receive an email (or several e-mails) from other people with a list of about 20 or more e-mail addresses in the address bar. This is very poor e-mail etiquette and very annoying. Never fear, there is a simple solution!

When you are sending an e-mail to a large list of people just use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Click on the “View” menu in the Mail program and select BCC. Here is a screen shot:


Once you select this from the “View” menu a new e-mail window will now look like this:

E-mail Window

As you can see the BCC field now appears in the address area of the e-mail. If you wish to have everyone in your e-mail get a copy, then by all means put their addresses in the CC (Carbon Copy) field. But, if you are sending to a large list then I highly recommend putting the addresses in the BCC field. Yes, you will see the addresses, but the people receiving the e-mail will only see your original address and their own e-mail address.

BCC is a real kindness and in line with e-mail etiquette. Do everyone in your list a giant favor and use it the next time you send out that notice, newsletter or birthday announcement.

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