Bookmark Multiple Tabs In iOS & iPadOS

Did you know you can bookmark multiple tabs once in iOS & iPadOS? Let’s say you have several taps open in Safari on a research project and you wish to save the tabbed websites for future reference. You can save all the tabbed sites into a folder group on your device. Here is how you do that.

Saving Multiple Tabs

I am going to explain this process on my iPad. Here is the iPad with a few open tabs in Safari.

To save multiple tabs in one place you have to press and hold on the “Bookmark Icon” in the Safari menu bar.

This produces a dropdown menu. Just select “Add Bookmark for 3 Tabs” and you end up at this screen.

The operating system is asking you to name the multiple bookmarks group and select a location. In my case, I selected “Misc”. The bookmark group is saved to your desired location once you tap on “Save”.

To access and open this bookmark group, navigate to the saved location.

Then, press and hold on the group name which produces this menu.

The menu displays the individual sites. If you select the “Open in New Tabs” command, the sites open in tabs in Safari.

When you are finished using these sites for your project you can delete them using the same procedure.


Saving bookmark tab group in Safari in iOS or iPadOS is pretty straightforward. They are easy to set up and delete.